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Clinical Study Groups

Historically BMFMS provided funding to the Fetal medicine, Intrapartum care and Maternal medicine Clinical Study Groups. In 2022, the RCOG Research Committee that the CSG Chairs were members of was dissolved and a new body, the RCOG Research Group was formed.  One of the domains of the RCOG Research Group is Research Priority. Research priority will engage with legacy CSGs that have expressed a desire to maintain their current format.


Alongside this change, the Covid pandemic also brought several changes to how CSGs function with more meetings via remote platforms and we expect this to continue. The BMFMS committee have thus discussed the best way that it can support ongoing work of CSGs leading to a review of the funding that it provides to CSGs.

In future:

  • BMFMS will no longer provide a fixed amount of funding per annum (this was to cover meeting expenses e.g. room hire, travel etc. and was claimed via expense forms to the BMFMS treasurer).
  • BMFMS will provide a fund of up to £5000 per annum for all CSGs. This will be to support one off events such as specialist study days, PPI involvement activities.
  • The fund will be accessible to all CSGs within the remit of BMFMS (Fetal medicine, Intrapartum care, Maternal medicine, Preterm Birth and Stillbirth) and will be accessed via a prospective application form (maximum application one per annum per CSG to a maximum of £1000 per CSG).
  • BMFMS reserves the right to reject requests for funds when the event is not within its remit or does not represent value for money for the charity.