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Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Welcome to the BMFMS website. If you are already a member, I hope you find what you are looking for. If you would like to join, I hope that the links are clear to follow.

The BMFMS’s stated aim is to: "Improve the standard of pregnancy care by disseminating knowledge, promoting and funding research, contributing to the development and implementation of high quality training and providing a forum where issues relevant to pregnancy care are discussed."  

In short, the BMFMS aims to promote excellence in all aspects of maternity care.

Over 20 years ago, our society began by setting up an annual conference. Since then the focus of the BMFMS has remained this popular and successful event. However, the BMFMS is now much more than simply the largest Obstetric conference of its kind in the UK. Over the last two decades, the BMFMS has grown in influence and contributes to the life-blood of maternity care through its input to many national organisations including NICE, NHS, DoH and the RCOG.

However, the BMFMS ultimately relies on the knowledge and expertise of its members. Part of my role as President is to encourage a process whereby our collective wisdom has a channel to influence maternity care in Britain. This is done mainly through the hard work of the committee members whose names and posts can be found elsewhere on this website.  For this process to continue, new members and, importantly, new committee members are continually required.  

It is my hope that perusal of this website, attendance at our annual conference will both serve to encourage you to commit to a greater involvement in the BMFMS and hence help shape better maternity care in Britain. You are most welcome.


Myles Taylor
President BMFMS