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BMFMS committee members are involved with consultations on a wide range of topics. We are keen for members to be as involved as possible in the consultation process. Details of the consultation process and ways in which you can be involved will regularly be posted on the web-site. Feel free to contact the committee via if you wish to feedback about a topic or make a general enquiry regarding participation.

Maternal mortality in the UK and the need for Obstetric Physicians

BMFMS President Professor Mark Kilby responded on behalf of the society to an editorial in the BMJ linking maternal mortality due to medical disorders (indirect deaths) with a need for sub-speciality training for physicians in maternal medicine. 

Click HERE to see full response.

At present there is much debate with regards to models of care for pregnant women with medical conditions. This debate has involved both the RCP and the GMC (in its role as a regulator in medical education and training). The BMFMS has been consulted on this issue and is continuing to be involved in the debate regarding models of care and how best to deliver training to both obstetricians and physicians. Feel free to contact the committee with your views via

The BMFMS was involved in the development of a document looking at Optimal Arrangements for NICUs in the UK including guidance on their Medical Staffing.