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Richard Johanson Award
Richard Johanson Award

Richard Johanson Award

This award was developed in memory of Richard Johanson, Professor of Obstetrics, Keele University School of Medicine and consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist North Staffordshire Hospital who died in 2002. He had two major aims in obstetrics, to avoid unnecessary intervention but to apply urgent skilled intervention when needed. He worked closely with both trainee obstetricians and midwives in research and the implementation of guidelines and had a wide ranging research portfolio.

He was a producer of high quality clinical research having significant impact on individuals and populations. Translation of this research into medical education and clinical practice he saw as paramount.

It is therefore fitting that the Richard Johanson award is presented each year to the highest scoring research bursary submission by a trainee.  There is no monetary prize attached to this award.

Past recipients include:

2005 - Dr V Bills
Anti-E alloimmunization: Is intensive fetal surveillance necessary?


2006 - Dr J Lartey


2007 - Dr M Smith
Influence of progesterone on inflammatory markers in cultured human myometrial cells


2008 - Dr S Stock


2009 - Dr V Bills
Biological activity of vascular endothelial growth factor in pre-eclampsia