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Bursaries / Prizes

BMFMS 2017 Bursaries

Since its inception the BMFMS has aimed to improve the standard of pregnancy care by disseminating knowledge, promoting and funding research, contributing to the development and implementation of high quality training, and providing a forum where issues relevant to pregnancy care are discussed.  With this goal in mind the BMFMS awards annual research and travel bursaries.   Successful bursary applications are eligible for consideration for NIHR Clinical Research Network support.

From 2012 the Executive Committee has decided that applications will only be accepted from individuals who have been Members for at least 6 months from the application closing date (i.e. since before 1 May 2015 for the 2016 applications). It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their membership status is current.

A recent review of the applications by the Executive Committee has shown they broadly fall into two categories. There are those from established research groups, often from applicants in academic posts already holding grants. The other applications are from members in full time NHS posts hoping to develop local research initiatives. The Executive Committee recognises the importance of both groups and wishes to encourage local applications. From 2012, therefore, applications will be subdivided into those from individuals in academic posts and those in full time NHS clinical posts. Applications are welcomed from doctors, midwives and scientists of all grades providing they are established Members of the Society.

A detailed breakdown of anticipated costs will be required with the applications and these costs must be claimed by 1 January 2018 or the monies will be reallocated. The application form will be available here once the 2017 round has opened.

Successful bursary recipients will be required to present their work at the Annual Conference. 

All applications will be considered on merit and judged by the Executive Committee. They will be awarded in two different categories:

1. Research/Audit bursaries:

These are designed to help ˜pump prime" pilot research projects, to set-up a local/national database etc. These awards will be up to a maximum value of £5000.

If the bursary is to be used in conjunction with other funds, proof of the existence of such funds is needed before the bursary application can be considered.

For the 2016 round of Bursaries, BMFMS and TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Foundation) were able to fund two joint research bursaries to a maximum value of £20, 000 each and TAMBA solo funded a further bursary. Further details can be found HERE.

2. Travel bursaries:

These are designed to fund travel to different institutions for academic or professional development. These awards are generally for a maximum value of £1000.

Please send any queries to


Mr Richard Smith
Prize Coordinator