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Re:birth collaborative listening project
Re:birth collaborative listening project

Re:birth collaborative listening project

07 September 2021 (Last updated: 7 Sep 2021 13:08)

Re:birth is a collaborative listening project, supported by the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and overseen by eight maternity service user organisations. It aims to explore service users’, maternity professionals’ and other birth workers’ perspectives, thoughts and feelings about the language we use to talk about different types of labour and birth.

Re:birth have started to hear from women and families that there is some language used by professionals that feels, to them, difficult, old fashioned or judgemental and one of these is the term ‘normal birth’. ‘Normal birth’ has been the most commonly used phrase in the UK to describe an uncomplicated labour since the 1990s – alongside others like ‘physiological’, ‘straightforward’, ‘spontaneous vaginal’ and ‘optimal’.

At a series of online listening groups, Re:birth will spend time hearing different perspectives on these words from service users, medics, midwives and others, and finding some common ground. The project aims to use these conversations to develop guidance and resources to support healthcare professionals and families to talk about the risks and benefits of different types of birth, and help healthcare professionals to express what they hope for families from their birth.

The Listening Groups will be informal, open and friendly and they hope you can join them. Register your interest here: