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National survey: Perinatal advance care planning

National survey: Perinatal advance care planning

30 November 2020 (Last updated: 30 Nov 2020 16:24)

Hello!    Do you care for babies before or after birth?  If yes, the University of Birmingham need your help.

They  are conducting a national survey about perinatal advance care planning  (for babies before or after birth) and would be very grateful if you would consider taking part. Your views will be incredibly helpful.

They  know everyone is really busy – so they’ve designed the confidential survey to fit into a coffee break (5-15mins). They only need one response per service. They’d be really grateful, therefore, if you or someone in your team could complete it.

The success of this survey depends on hearing from every region and setting - so please help if you can. More information is given at the start of the survey, including how to contact the research team at the University of Birmingham. The deadline is 16th December.

Please see here for the link to the survey: