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22 Apr 8:00AM – 23 Apr 5:00PM 2022


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Dates of the Conference are 22nd-23rd of April 2022, time table is scheduled in CEST/UTC+2, access to the video records for 21 days will be provided.

Scientific Committee:
Basky Thilaganathan (London / UK)
Rabih Chaoui (Berlin / Germany)
Francesc Figueras (Barcelona / Spain)
Katia Bilardo (Amsterdam / The Netherlands)
Kypros Nicolaides (London / UK)
Asma Khalil (London / UK)
Pat O'Brien (London / UK)
Luc De Catte (Leuven / Belgium)
Liona Poon (Hong Kong / China)
Viktor Oshovskyy (Kyiv / Ukraine)

Scientific program:
Operative delivery: Attempts to reduce the CS rate; Breech position: always a CS or is there a place for vaginal delivery; Intrapartum ultrasound to assist vaginal instrumental deliveries; Cesarean Scar Pregnancy natural history and medical management;
Preterm Birth: Cervical length in the prediction of preterm birth; Prevention and management of preterm birth; Management of PROM at the limits of viability; Chorioamnionitis and preterm birth;
Fetal Ultrasound: First Trimester Scan: minimal requirements; The early anatomical examination at 13-14 weeks; Routine screening for placenta accreta; Fetal infections: diagnostic challenges; Fetal growth assessment and growth restriction; Typical cardiac abnormalities in the four chamber view; Second trimester Screening in the era of NIPT;
COVID19: Management of diseases during pregnancy, labor, postpartum; Life-threatening conditions during pregnancy and birth;
Hypertension in pregnancy: First trimester combined screening: prevention of PE, SGA birth and perinatal death; Tight blood pressure control; Hemodynamic guided blood pressure management; Timing of delivery in case of maternal hypertensive disease; Fetal growth restriction management in case of maternal hypertensive disease;
Fetal medicine: Non-rhesus maternal-fetal immunological conflicts; Sonography signs for immunological (and non-immunological) fetal anemia; twins: difference between TAPS and TTTS; fetal growth restriction;
Fetal infections: Behind the ISUOG guidelines on fetal infections management; Typical ultrasound signs for fetal infections;
Digitalizing the routine practice: Modernizing obstetric care with digital health technology; Digital tools for cardiovascular indexes measurement; AI for fetal ultrasound.

Organised by: Tetiana Tykhomirova of EXTEMPORE Ukraine & Europe
Phone Number: +380687077327

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