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Intrapartum Care CSG

Intrapartum Care CSG

We are currently sponsored by BMFMS and our remit is:

  • To propose and support the development of new trials and other well designed studies of high priority to women, clinicians and NHS providers
  • To support the development of an approved portfolio of intrapartum care studies
  • To provide specific advice to investigators
  • To promote service user engagement from development of priority research questions, study design, data collection processes, outcomes of importance, to dissemination of findings.

Professor Debra Bick from Warwick Clinical Trials Unit, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, was appointed to lead the group in September 2016. Dimitrios Siassakos, Associate Professor/Reader in Obstetrics, University College London, is deputy lead.  The Intrapartum Clinical Studies Group (CSG) is supported by an Executive Committee of obstetricians, midwives, parents, obstetric anaesthetists, a statistician and experts in implementation science and global health, who support and advise on our work.

Please send any priority research questions relevant to intrapartum care for the CSG to consider in the form of a PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome).

If you have a study proposal relevant to intrapartum care you would like us to consider, please send an outline of this, from a one line idea (email Debra Bick at, to a full proposal.   Please complete our Outline Proposal Form  with as much detail as you can, including the area of research uncertainty you wish to address. You will need to include information on the relevance of the research question, research design, event rate, likely population size needed, user involvement and proposed research team.

We would also be delighted if you want to attend the CSG meeting (in person or by telephone) when we review your proposal. For mixed methods studies we need details of your sampling strategy and methods of analysis for the qualitative components.

Please identify any issues where you think the CSG could help with your study e.g. study design, additional expertise.

We will look at whether the idea fits within our research priorities, whether it is of clinical relevance and whether we believe clinicians will be able to recruit.

If you send us a proposal we use a standard Review Summary which we will send you after the meeting.