BMFMS does not have a formal research group but rather provides input into a number of clinical study groups (CSGs). This decision has been made because of major developments in the UK aimed at facilitating the conduct of high quality clinical trials and other well designed studies. Our committee has a strong representation within the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) and has been a leading driver in conjunction with the RCOG in the development of the National Reproductive Health Research Network (NRHRN) and a number of ‘pregnancy related’ CSGs

Professor Steve Thornton a member of the BMFMS Organising Committee (2004-2010) was instrumental in setting up the first CSG, the Preterm Birth CSG which the BMFMS provided initial funding for. The CSGs aim to set the national research agenda and to critically appraise and support research projects within the study group theme. The different CSGs within pregnancy care are:

If you are in the UK and are in the process of developing a clinical trial or other clinical study, you can contact the relevant CSG for support and guidance in helping you to develop your idea. If you are outside the UK and want to approach centres to participate in your research, the relevant CSG will provide guidance on request.

The British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society has self-declared as an NIHR non-commercial Partner organisation. The NIHR Clinical Research Network provides a national infrastructure to support efficient, effective delivery of research in the NHS. This support is available to eligible studies funded by organisations who have self-declared as an NIHR non-commercial Partner. An overview of the CRN and the service it provide can be found here:

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