Preterm Birth CSG


The PTB CSG is currently sponsored by Action Medical Research (AMR)

The Preterm Birth Clinical Study Group is primarily concerned with the identification, development and funding of high quality portfolio research related to Preterm Birth. The principal functions are:

  • to identify topical areas of national and international interest
  • to identify individuals to lead the development of high quality research in the identified areas
  • to support the development and application for funding appropriate research
  • to link with the maternity speciality group of the UKCRN to ensure the smooth running of trials
  • to work with the Maternity Research Network Executive to enhance clinical research in preterm birth
  • to increase the funding for research related to preterm birth

If you wish the CSG to consider a proposal please fill in a project proforma form and send it to Professor Mark Johnson.  Please send proposal for consideration.

The CSG meets two to three times per year, often with an “open” meeting to –coincide with the BMFMS meeting. Minutes are available on this website.

The most high profile output from the preterm birth CSG is the OPPTIMUM study. 

For specific inquiries on the preterm birth CSG please contact the chair Professor Mark Johnson or Elly Hibbert at the RCOG.


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