Survey -antenatal management of singleton pregnancies conceived following ART

I’m one of the Reproductive Medicine subspec trainees in Leeds.

I'm working on this project during my SST and would very much appreciate your obstetric input. I just wondered if you could spare a couple of minutes to complete this very short survey. I'm interested in the antenatal management of singleton pregnancies conceived following ART and particularly whether there are discrepancies between what reproductive medicine specialists and obstetricians think should happen. I'm working on it with Myles Taylor who is a Fetal Medicine Consultant in Exeter. We are asking as many MFM and RM specialists and subspec and ATSM trainees that we can to complete the survey.

If you click on the link below it should take you directly to the questions - it really shouldn't take too long, I certainly don't want you to agonise over any of them!

If you could forward the link to any of your colleagues or ATSMSSY trainees, that would also be much appreciated!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time.


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Survey -antenatal management of singleton pregnancies conceived following ART
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