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Policy on advertising and sponsorship

The role and responsibility of the BMFMS in promoting the wellbeing of women and their babies in the eyes of the public is a major consideration for the organisation. In line with our Charitable status and as evidence of good practice, it is considered appropriate to publish our policy on the acceptance of advertising and sponsorship from trade and industry and other external stakeholders. BMFMS have based this policy on the RCOG Policy on Acceptance of Advertising and Sponsorship.

The document covers the following activities

• direct grants and contributions to the BMFMS;
• advertisement in BMFMS publications, including the website;
• commercial stands at BMFMS conferences;
• the use of identifying material from a company such as a logo on wallets or badges at meetings;
• sponsorship of educational material;
• funding for research projects and awards;
• provision of funds to attend meetings and lectures and hospitality.

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