Intrapartum care CSG

We are currently sponsored by BMFMS and our remit is:

• To propose and support the development of new trials and other well designed studies of high relevance to women, professionals and managers

• To support the development of an approved portfolio of studies in intrapartum care

• To provide specific advice to investigators

• To ensure service user involvement

Professor Debra Bick from the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery/Division of Women’s Health, King’s College London, was appointed to lead the group in September 2016. An Executive Committee comprising of obstetricians, midwives, parents, neonatologist, obstetric anaesthetists, a statistician and experts in implementation science and global health supports and advises on the work of the group.

You can send us research ideas at any stage of their development from

• a one line idea (email Debra Bick at

• as much detail as you have

• a completed outline or full proposal


Please complete our Outline Proposal Form  with as much detail as you can. You will need to include information on the relevance of the research question, research design, event rate, likely population size needed, user involvement and proposed research team.

We would also be delighted if you want to attend the CSG meeting (either in person or by telephone) when we review your proposal. For qualitative studies we need details of your sampling strategy and methods of analysis. Please identify any issues where you think the CSG could help with your study e.g. study design, additional expertise.

We will look at whether the idea fits within our research priorities, whether it is of clinical relevance and whether we believe clinicians will be able to recruit.

If you send us a proposal we use a standard Review Summary which we will send you after the meeting.

If you request one we can do a letter for any potential funder. The letter will say we are supportive, supportive with minor revisions, or supportive with major revisions. We will include the date we reviewed your proposal and will include the summary described above.

The first meeting was held on 16th May 2011 and regular meetings have been taking place on an approximately 4-6 monthly basis.  Minutes are freely available for review (links at the bottom of this page).  

Our most recent meeting was held on December 2nd 2016, following the appointment of Professor Bick as the new chair. 

Minutes from previous meetings can be found here.

Jan 2014  minutes . 

May 2014 minutes

We will need your proposal 2 weeks before the meeting date, to give studies the consideration they deserve and we aim to have our review back to you within a week of the meeting.

We are happy to review proposals outside meetings, do contact me to arrange this (

Our research priorities are currently taken from those identified from the NICE Guidelines on Intrapartum Care, Induction of Labour and Caesarean Section. These have been summarised for ease. This is not an exhaustive list and we would welcome good quality studies answering clinically relevant questions outside these.


 Click here to view our research priorities

The group has recently developed, with the NIHR GCP facilitators based in Birmingham, a toolkit for the training of clinical staff. This supports a pragmatic and proportionate approach to research governance and promotes an awareness of GCP.

Click here to view the toolkit

Click here to view the toolkit presentation

There is also a Working Group of over 80 clinicians based throughout the UK who have joined an email list and will be involved in deciding which trials are supported and can decide if the individual Maternity Unit wants to recruit to any particular study. If you want to become a member do contact Sara Kenyon (


Useful information and links

RCOG advice on obtaining consent for research during labour

Registered Clinical Trials Units

Research Design Services at the NIHR

Intrapartum CSG minutes

Below are links to the minutes of previous Intrapartum CSG meetings

May 2011

Sept 2011

Jan 2012

May 2013

Jan 2014

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