BMFMS organised meetings

The BMFMS is actively involved in the organisation of a number of meetings which are relevant to the different ATSMs offered by the RCOG. These meetings strive to be of a high standard and complement the relevant ATSM curricula.

We also have an annual conference which in 2017 will be held in Amsterdam. 


In 2016 the BMFMS, in conjunction with the RCOG, is running courses in Management of the Labour Ward, Fetal Medicine and Advanced Antenatal Practice and Maternal Medicine: Medical Complications in Pregnancy


Management of the Labour Ward

14–17 June 2016

This course is suitable for any clinician who spends a significant amount of time on the labour ward, or has a major interest in risk management and clinical governance, audit and guidelines, neonatology, anaesthetics, medical disorders, to practical obstetrics skills and how to run skills and drills training in your own unit.


If you have feedback for the course organisers they can be contacted via our administrator at 

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