Maternal Medicine CSG (including hypertensive disease)

This CSG is currently sponsored by the MacDonald UK Obstetric Medicine Society (MOMS) with administrative support provided by the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS)

Professor Louise Kenny of University College, Cork recently been appointed chair.  The CSG has 13 executive members. Meetings are held every 3-4 months. Minutes are available (see links below). Dr Lucy Chappell acts as secretary for the CSG.

The next executive meeting will be held on Thursday 29th September 2016 at the RCOG from 10.30-14.30. 

Aims of the Maternal Medicine-CSG are

  • To develop and oversee an approved portfolio of studies in Maternal Medicine
  • To propose and develop well designed studies including trials
  • To consider studies proposed by members of the group and others
  • To provide specific advice to investigators
  • To ensure consumer involvement

Current clinical projects include the StAmP trial, an RCT of statins in pre-eclampsia (MRC funded: Professors D Williams and A Ahmed); UpBeat, an RCT of a complex intervention in obese pregnant women (NIHR funded: Professor L Poston); PELICAN; PIGF for differential diagnosis of pre-eclampsia (commercial funding ALERE; Professor A Shennan); Spot urinary protein:creatinine ration in hypertensive disease (HTA funded; Mr J Waugh); CHIPS; Control of Hypertension in Pregnancy (Canadian funded; UK CI Professor J Thornton).  

The CSG has developed into an excellent forum for discussion of clinical trial design and for support of new investigators wishing to develop trial protocols.

If you are developing a trial in Maternal Medicine, would like to find centres for your trial or wish to help in trial design please contact Professor Louise Kenny,

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